Reading List 2019

Well, despite not having had regular work until September last year, and having had regular part-time childcare, I got very little written and not so much (on my own, albeit lofty, standards) read; this year I've got full-time, very absorbing work (hurray!) and a novel I NEED to get drafted and revised, but also I need to properly tackle all the accumulated books scattered unread about the house. I kicked off by spending a week halfheartedly reading an Iris Murdoch (The Nice and the Good) which I then let go because it was becoming a slog (it's as sharp as any of her works but I couldn't bring myself really care what happened). Let's see what happens now, eh?


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TM Upchurch said...

Happy New Year! I love your reading lists, sometimes use them to pick my next read. I'm currently slogging through Milkman (which is amazing but I'm only getting to it late at night when my brain has seized up - I need to restart it really to do it justice). Congrats on the job and hope you're having a fab 2019.