Reading List 2018

In 2016 I finished my PhD, moved house and renovated the house, got married, and, oh yeah, had a baby. In 2017 I... did none of those things, and yet I only read four more books than in the previous year. I'll blame the baby/toddler for that. (He's pretty decent, though, so we won't bear a grudge.) I have an abysmal track record at keeping resolutions (apart from the year I stuck to my vow of reading one graphic novel a month - that was good, if a little pricey), so I'm not making any grandiose 2018 reading promises, except that: I need to be strict about alternating reading books for review, new/current books, and books that have been lingering on the shelf for years. To that end I've kicked off with a new one (David Keenan - amazing) and I'm following it up with an old one (Ivy Compton-Burnett). Also I found I read more non-fiction than usual last year, and I'd quite like to keep that up too, but we'll see how I get on with the dusty old pile first.

5. Swing Time, Zadie Smith. Great take on two girls' long friendship (Cats Eye va Elena Ferrante).
4. The Earlie King & the Kid In Yellow, Danny Denton. Debut novel from an Irish writer: totally mad, vey exuberant.
3. Nightwood, Djuna Barnes. I appreciate the cultural significance and modernist innovation but I didn't really get much out of it which was a shame (and isn't anything to do with the quality of the book, obviously).
2. Winter Papers, Vol. 3, ed. Kevin Barry & Olivia Smith. Irish arts annual. Favourite bits were stories by Anakana Schofield and Cristín Leach.
1. This Is Memorial Device, David Keenan. Took me a little while to get into it, but then, bloody hell: astounding stuff.