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I've been part of an online writers' collective, The Fiction Forge (formerly The Fiction Workhouse) for more than seven years now. It's a workshop group, at heart - we post drafts of our stories and critique them at length, and occasionally hold madcap writing exercises - and some of my most trusted beta-readers are amongst our members. At the moment we've got people here in the UK, in Italy, in the USA and in Singapore, so there's a real spread of voices. Anyway, last year we thought, hey, we write and we read, we're decent editors (I've worked at The Manchester Review, some others have edited Fourteen Hills, somebody else had a brief stint behind the scenes at Granta) - so why not start our own online magazine, eh? And so, we did.

The Forge Literary Magazine launched at the start of January. We've got a team of volunteer rotating editors (me included) so we don't have a house style as such - we're too eclectic for that - though we do all prefer to see pieces come in at sub-3k. We take fiction (short stories and flash fiction) and non-fiction, and we pay our writers. We don't charge for submissions. So far we're running at a turnaround of two or three days, on average, in terms of responding to writers. We publish a new piece each Monday. Every story is read by two of us (randomly assigned) in the first instance, and each month there's a pair of Editors of the Month who get the final call on what they want to publish. So far, we've had work from Janice Galloway, Nona Caspers, Roxane Gay and Kevin Barry, and coming up, we've got Emma Jane Unsworth and more. But it's not a closed circuit of writers-who-know-writers: we've also already got truly amazing work lined up from open submissions, including a fantastic story from a brand-new writer. Along with Sommer Schafer, I'm one of the Editors of the Month reading for our April slots, and I would love to see what you've got.

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