For Books' Sake: The Weekend Read

My story 'A Quick Fiasco' has been reprinted today by the brilliant folk at For Books' Sake - shout out to Kerry Ryan! - as past of their 'The Weekend Read' feature; it's online and free, so have a look! I also love the picture they've picked to go with it. Ace!

For Books' Sake are a truly excellent organisation: in their own words, they were 'founded in response to insitutionalised, systemic sexism in the media, publishing and education industries' and their mission is 'to create a community that centres, supports and champions writing by women and girls, challenging inequality and empowering women and girls of all backgrounds to tell their stories and have their voices heard.' Great, right? My story is set in the context of political (and familial) unrest, and features a hardcore campaigning woman, so I'm especially pleased that Kerry asked me to take part. Check out the website- read, support, get involved!

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