What news? What news?

So, the PhD continues, and I'll tell you, writing what is effectively two books side-by-side is really a demented task. But if you're at a pub quiz and they toss you a zinger on time and narrative, or the temporality of trauma, or the narrativization of identity, or how one might variously contextualise the short story cycle, well! I'll be your phone-a-friend.

In the meanwhile, I'm really psyched that one of the stories I've been working on for the creative bit of the project is going to be published in a few weeks in the excellent and ever-so-attractive US journal, Fugue. That particular story was the first one I started when I enrolled on the programme so it's especially sweet that it's getting out there. I'll link the crap out of it as and when...

I've got some flash fiction pieces forthcoming later this year in Sou'wester, as well, so more on that when the time is right, too.

Meanwhile in the here and now: Andy (my partner) has got a show opening in Preston's Hanover Project gallery, opening next Tuesday (24th February); he's over there installing it today, and if any of you are in the North West, or fancy travelling, we'd love to see you at the preview:

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