Manchester Review Issue 12

The latest issue of The Manchester Review - Issue 12 - is now live. Edited by me and my PhD supervisor, Ian McGuire, and his co-director of the university's Centre for New Writing, John McAuliffe, it features some really, really, really good prose and poetry. I was particularly delighted to get an unsolicited story through from Helen Cross, whose novel My Summer of Love I adore. If any writers are reading this, please do send us your work: we really do pay attention to the slush pile, and most (not all, but most) of what we publish comes to us this way.

I'm also involved in a critical theory event that's happening tomorrow - July 12th - at Levenshulme Market, in south-east Manchester: I'm part of a loose collective known as Kitchen Table Theory, and we're hosting an open discussion about community and community space from 2pm, though we'll be at the market all day (10am-4pm) passing out flyers. The market itself is worth a visit; this week it's all food and drink, which ought to be a treat on a good summer's day!

Next week, then, I'm off to Lincoln to give a paper at the What Happens Now conference; my presentation will be about short story cycles and genre classification and changing reading and writing strategies as brought about by digital culture: thrilling stuff, eh? Quite a change from what I was doing last week, anyway (photo credit @noteviljoe, my klimbing sensei):

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