Crumey and Latitude reviews

To whomever landed here wondering 'is the manchester fiction prize legit' I can tell you it most certainly is, though it comes with one hell of an entry fee and a tiny word-count (2.5k), making it a pretty niche market as far as I'm concerned. A friend of mine won it last time round, though, so well worth a punt if you have seventeen English pounds to the ready. Deadline the end of August, I think.

Anyway, two recent reviews of mine are up on Bookmunch: Andrew Crumey's The Secret Knowledge, and my trip to Latitude this past weekend (which was also previewed here).

The Ilanot Review

I've got a short piece, 'The Monkeys in Love Will Pet and Cuddle You' in Sentences, the newly-launched issue of online Israeli lit journal, The Ilanot Review.  There's a pile of excellent work in there, so go and have a read. And if you happen to be in Jerusalem tomorrow night (July 4th), they're having a launch night in the bar of the Khan Theatre at 8pm, where a very lovely man called Eli will be performing my story. I feel dead international!