The Manchester Review

I've been working at The Manchester Review as an assistant editor (alongside editors-in-chief John McAuliffe and Ian McGuire) since last December. I'm delighted to announce that the latest issue (my first!), Issue Ten, is now live, and features the work of amazing writers such as Emma Martin, Marli Roode, Anne Compton, Connor O'Callaghan, Janet Wolff, and many more. Please read, and share the link, and, if you're a writer (poetry, fiction or non-fiction), submit to us! The next issue is scheduled for October 2013.

well, hello!

It's been ages, hasn't it? I've been doing politics/PhD/rock-climbing (!), and generally getting behind on stuff. But, in terms of news, I've got a flash piece coming up in the next issue of The Penny Dreadful, which is very exciting as it's (a) print! and (b) Irish, and in the last issue they had the likes of Roddy Doyle, so it looks like a pretty damn fine publication altogether, and I can't wait to see it when it's out. I also contributed recently to the Sein und Werden Exquisite Corpse, which you can see if you give that link a click. Always a mad experience. I'm carrying on with my one-graphic-novel-a-month project (reading, not writing) and this month it's Maus, which I'm very much enjoying. I'm not being a very good book reviewer at the moment (embarrassingly far behind on the review schedule), but what I have read (a lot of BS Johnson) has been as excellent as you'd expect. As always I'm on the hunt for good examples of short story cycles (aka composite novels) so carry on recommending stuff to me, please! And, to round up this hodge-podge apology-post, I'm thinking of maybe perhaps running an online short story course this summer, if there's sufficient interest; perhaps a six-week thing with weekly writing exercises, stories to read, and critiques, for circa £70 per person. Drop me a line if it sounds like a thing you'd go for. Ciao for now!