Stuart Nadler review

My review of Stuart Nadler's Wise Men is live at Bookmunch. (I didn't like it.)

This blog is dead bare these days, isn't it? My excuse: ongoing and very time-consuming campaign to save our local library. Update, though: we have (sort of) saved our swimming pool! Manchester City Council have included some clauses in the new agreement that I really, really don't like, but our local councillors are going to work on that, and it's going to stay open for the two years until the new facility is built. The campaign group is now squarely focussed on the library. Plus there's the bedroom tax to fight, and the whole wider anti-cuts, anti-austerity movement. And my PhD. And childcare. And so on.

Still, I've read some good books lately in amongst all the craziness.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!