me reading stuff in video form

I was trying to clear my inbox just now (a fool's errand) and I came across a google alert email that I'd forgotten about, which links to me reading at a Flashtag event in Chorlton a few months ago, and I can't recall if I linked it it on here at the time and I'm too tired to hunt through the archives to check. So here it is anyway. I haven't watched it because I have a horror of seeing myself on screen; a horror born of working in post-production for years, probably, but one that I doubt I'll ever shift. There's a DVD somewhere in my house that's a fake showreel I had to make on a TV training course about eight years ago - me and my colleagues star in a fake chat-show (amongst other things) and I had to pretend to host a cooking segment. I haven't watched that, either. And in real life, I can barely boil the kettle without adult supervision. So, you know, don't believe everything you see on telly. (But that really is me reading my own work in Chorlton.) (Really.)

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