ups and downs

It's been a rather odd and busy week for me. On Wednesday I went to a band rehearsal, to run through my set for WORD>PLAY with Monkeys in Love, in advance of our gig on Thursday. Band rehearsals are way cooler than writing rehearsals, which are more or less just me muttering to myself with an eye on the clock. Then, the gig itself on Thursday was ace - our set was so much fun to perform; the band are amazing, people seemed to like my stories, and there was even shadow-puppetry, courtesy of Laura! There's a video here of our first number. All the other acts were great, too - I particularly liked Tether, by (murmur), featuring David Hartley. Adrian Slatcher has a much more thorough write-up here. I also had my first PhD supervision on Thursday - more a discussion of the process than anything else, but it made me feel rather proper and official. Thumbs up!

But I also found out this week that Brian George, a long-time member of my writing group, the Fiction Forge, has passed away. Brian was an extremely talented writer and a really insightful reader and it's such a shock to think that he's not with us any more. The group is an online one, which gives it all that odd, peculiarly 21st century, virtual dimension; I've had so many conversation with Brian over the years, but I never actually met him. It's hard to know how to negotiate that. In the meantime, if any of you are searching for some short fiction to read, please click through to Brian's website, where you'll find links to some of his published work. Brian, we miss you already.

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