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My reviews of Pat Barker's Toby's Room (meh) and Ewan Morrison's Close Your Eyes (gah) are live on Bookmunch.

I've been on holidays this week (well - to my mum's house in Dublin) and brought my Kindle and two paperbacks and bought another paperback (Keith Ridgway's The Parts) while I was out and about in town - I don't think I've got the hang of the Kindle, have I? Though I have actually been using it a bit this week (Ridgway's The Spectacular and the anthology Shut Up/Look Pretty), and the paperbacks have been all sad and abandoned.   Anyway, I've also managed to catch some sort of flu or something while away, so I expect I'll infect the whole world, Twelve Monkeys style, by passing through Dublin and Manchester airports this evening. But if you do survive until tomorrow, be primed for a guest post here on Monday 20th from writer Lisa Marie Trump as part of the Pangea anthology blog tour. Exciting!

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