Martin Amis review, etc.

I'm away in Spain at the moment, but God help me, I can't help checking my email and updating my blog (during my self-imposed two hours each day novel-time - bad Valerie). Anyway. My review of Martin Amis' latest, Lionel Asbo, is live at Bookmunch. Spoiler: I LOVED it, and I'm so pleased I loved it, because I was such a fan of his earlier stuff and so disappointed by the last novel. So read the review, read the book, etc. And I'll go back to my novel then the pool - woo-hoo. Sorry, I'm taunting you. I'm also reading some niiiice books - Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge, which I thought I'd admire but not like, but which I actually adored and want you all to read, too, and, on the Kindle, Kerry Hudson's Tony Hogan, which is bloody brilliant and nicely sweary - and I'll be interviewing Kerry about the book here on this very blog, in a week's time, July 5th, so stay tuned! There's a tie-in giveaway associated with Kerry's blog tour, too, more details of which anon. It's also my birthday next Tuesday, and I'll mainly be spending it in airports. Lovely. So in the meantime: novel/pool/beer, go!

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