Enough is launched!

So we had the joint Jawbreakers/Enough/Braking Distance launch event last Friday! The books are totally, definitely out in the world now. And the night itself was ace.

Brilliantly MC'ed by the incomparable Fat Roland (who, like me, read at the Manchester Book Market earlier in the day, in the rain - hardcore), we had readings from Dan Carpenter, Benjamin Judge, Rupan Malakin, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Trevor Byrne, Jenn Ashworth and David Gaffney, as well as me and Calum.

Nobody fell over (my benchmark of success) and Seren didn't quite manage to grapple the microphone from anyone, though she did heckle mightily while I was on-stage and then pestered everybody and tried to upstage Calum. Oops.

It was especially cool to have the launch in Blackwell's, my one-time workplace, with so many wonderful friends there to support me/us. Then we all got trashed in Sandbar - woo! The rest of my weekend was kind of manic, if nice: a trip to Macclesfield on Saturday to see family (baby nephews!) that involved a TWO HOUR traffic jam (!) on the way there, and a trip to Birmingham on Sunday to usher in my new tenant (massive phew; bankruptcy averted for another month) and to see friends, go to the park, and draw chalk pictures on the pavement.

We're so arty it hurts, man. Then we counteracted it all by getting all footbally and dressing Seren in a travesty of an Irish t-shirt (blame my sister) which only caused the team to go and LOSE, damn it.

We're best sticking to the books, really.

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