Enough is available to buy online!

Well, I have SO MUCH NEWS for you, internet people!

First up, my chapbook, Enough, is now available to buy online, hurray! There'll be a Kindle version soon, too; I'll keep you all updated on that front. [Edit to add: here it is in the UK Kindle store!] Second, we're having a great big stonking launch party! Well, technically, we're having a great big stonking launch party for Jawbreakers, Enough, and Calum Kerr's Braking Distance - it's going to be at 18:30 on Friday June 8th at Blackwell's bookshop on Oxford Road, Manchester. You'll get to see readings from me and Calum, and Jawbreakers' contributors David Gaffney, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Benjamin Judge, Rupan Malakin and more, and you'll have a chance to buy the three books, AND you'll probably get to have some booze and we all you know love booze, RIGHT? I'm getting a little carried away, I know.

So, also, thirdly, I've got a handful of other readings and stuff coming up. Next Wednesday, May 23rd, I'll be appearing at the Flashtag event for the Chorlton Arts Festival in, um, Chorlton, at 20:00 at the Beech Inn; on the following Wednesday, May 30th, I'll be reading at Bad Language in the Castle Hotel. Between the two, on Saturday May 26th, me and Vivmondo will be manning a stall at the new Levenshulme Market, selling our bookish wares (I'll be selling Enough and Jawbreakers) between 9 and 4. Then, on Friday June 8th, I'll be reading at the Manchester Independent Book Market, a couple of hours before the book launch itself. Are you tired yet? I am.

And before all that kicks off, I'll be on the radio in Bristol tomorrow (via my phone, hi-tech telecoms, this) talking about the Bristol Prize! Whoop!

All right, time for tea now.

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