Dudes: there's only a few days left to submit your microfictions to the National Flash Fiction Anthology. Me and Calum have already read some of the entries, and there's great stuff coming in. We've also had word that we'll have some commissioned work from Jeff Noon and Trevor Byrne as well as Ali Smith, so we're all giddy over that. Email us by the end of Tuesday 10th April! Also, there's only four places left on my flash-fiction workshop in Manchester City Library, so get in while you can (please)! This is assuming, of course, that I'm still alive to run the workshop; I've put myself on a rather masochistic writing regime lately - getting up at 6am and writing for three hours before the baby (baby? toddler? she wobbles about on her hind legs...) wakes up. I'm decidedly not a morning person, but four days in, it's been working pretty well: I've gotten a couple of thousand words written and several more thousand edited. I'm not a fast writer (boo) so this all feels a bit speedy and useful. Let's see how long I can keep it up, eh?

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