Radio Face '12

I know this is off my usual topics (which are, what, house-moving, bike-theft and a teeny smattering of writing and book talk?), but seeing as I've bored the hell out of everybody I know on Facebook about it, you lot might as well be next in line. I was on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour yesterday! The topic was Gina Ford's new book (kinda makes me feel a bit dirty to even link to it), and the presenter, Jenni Murray, interviewed two people, one a pro-Gina journalist and one (me) an anti-Gina advocate of attachment parenting. Mainly we talked about the post-baby relationship between the man and woman (aside from everything else that irks me about GF and her creed, it's all very hetero-normative - a point I snuck in, but nobody picked up on it, sigh). It wasn't a debate, not really, but screw it, I think I won anyway - right?! Anyway. You can listen here. I feel dead famous now.

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martha said...

You are famous! Hurray. And, imho, Gina Ford is a nightmare wrapped in skin, and that person -- her with the 4 kids -- in the interview was neurotic and patronising about men. But you were brilliant.