National Short Story Day 2011

It's National Short Story Day today! Well, it is for my UK readers, anyway. So you British types should stop reading this and go read some short fiction. Quick off-the-bat recommendations: Kelly Link's Pretty Monsters. One of my favourites this year. I'm currently reading Jon McGregor's first collection, This Isn't The Sort Of Thing That Happens To Someone Like You - so far, so good. I just five minutes ago read the first story in Helen Simpson's Hey Yeah Right Get A Life - also excellent. Read Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son. Unbeatable. If you like weird postmodern clever stuff, try some Donald Barthelme. I've got John Updike's Early Stories on the go as a long-term project (it's massive) and what I've read so far has been brilliant. My friend Andrea's book just came out - Somewhere Else, Or Even Here. Buy it. Try the BBC National Short Story Prize anthologies. I just won a copy of Salt's Best British Short Stories 2011 - let's all read it. I'll shut up now. But do go read a short story - I mean, dude, they're SHORT. The duration of a cigarette or your tea-break. Read one on the loo. Okay. Shutting up. (Reading yet?)

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A. J. Ashworth said...

Thanks for the mention, Valerie! Yes, everyone, go read a short story or three!