BBC National Short Story Award 2011 Anthology review

I almost forgot to link to this. My review of The BBC National Short Story Award 2011 Anthology is live at Bookmunch.


Dan Purdue said...

Good review, Valerie. I think I agree with you that the best story won, although for me it's pretty close between Rag Love and Dennis Noble for second.

I was surprised by Jon McGregor's story snatching the runner-up spot. The ending seems like he just hit a word count or something and hurriedly threw the story in a different direction and then stopped.

From your review it sounds like you didn't hear the readings. If you get a chance, they're well worth a listen (the podcasts might still be available on the R4 website?). They're very well read, and Tim Piggott-Smith does a great job with Dennis.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Hey Dan,

yeah, I'm with you about the end of Jon's story. It was one of those things where I stopped and reread and wondered if I was missing something and then scratched my head a bit. I hate endings myself, so I can feel his pain, but it was indubitably the weakest point.

I've missed the podcasts now - I'm such an idiot, I meant to downloads them after the prize was announced, but I totally forgot and iPlayer has taken them down. Typical (of me, not iPlayer!).