what, I have to think of a title, too?

I've just looked at my blog stats, and it's embarrassing how little I've updated this thing in 2011 (so far). It's all been links to reviews, and though I love the free books and legitimized holding-forth that the reviewing affords me, it's hardly absorbing for you lot, eh? Also, shockingly, it's been a whole year since my MA finished (a new class are being inducted this week, which means my class were the year before the year before - ancient history!) and two years since I moved to Manchester, and I'm really stupidly flabbergasted by how quickly time is moving. And, as well, I've never sloughed off that whole September is the New Year thingy that you get in school, so it seems like now is the time of year where things ought to recommence. (Blogging, anyone?) So let's  meander through what I've been doing.

(1) The baby! Seren. AKA, The Best Thing Ever. Seriously. Once you get past the sleep deprivation (give it two months), this child-rearing thing fits into a normal day pretty darn well. You can rest a book on a baby while you feed it/her, for instance. Did you know that? Also, giant whopping infant headphones let you bring a baby to an outdoor gig and the cinema (except Cineworld, who refused us access to Kill List because the child is under 18, and they're now on my own personal Kill List, the fascist bastards). Babies totally enjoy literary festivals and readings and launches, too, and they're a superb literary pub quiz mascot. Make note of that, prospective parents. Also, you can read anything out loud to a baby and they'll laugh at it. Even books about boredom or the Holocaust or Driving Test Theory. Brilliant! And they're free to feed (well, this one is) so it all works out well with the Impoverished Writer/Artist household that we've grown here in Whalley Range.    

(2) The book reviews. Come on, Valerie, tell us something we don't know.

(3) Trips! Bulgaria, for Andy's exhibition in Sofia, AKA a work trip that me and Seren hijacked. Best vegetarian food ever in Sofia, I swear on my virtual life. Also a brilliantly tiny natural history museum. And we had to get a passport for the baby. She's three weeks old in her picture. Mental. I didn't have one until I was sixteen. (Already practising the 'back in MY day' diatribes for when she gets uppity.) Where else? Hay On Wye - books! David Vann! Gary Shteyngart! Fresh coffee every morning on the campsite. Lovely. Seren fell in love with the red tent. (At the time, she was also in love with a red cushion.) Then Bristol (babies get you a free hotel upgrade!) and Dublin (family) and Llandeilo (cheap Groupon getaway).

(4) The novel. Oh, sigh. Oh, procrastinate! I'm revising the thing now. Revising, redrafting, ripping most of it up and starting again - same old, same old. But it's progressing. In fact, I should be doing chapter four right now, but I'm entertaining (?) you guys instead. Selfless, is what I am. Anyway. It's probably not going to be a long novel, but each chapter seems pretty long (shortest so far is 4k, longest is 7k). If I get chapter four hacked at sufficiently this week, that'll be Part One dealt with for now. Baby steps, eh?

(5) Driving! I've got a provisional driving license. I'm 31, so that's probably not something I should admit. Still. Lessons are very expensive (though still a fuckload cheaper than they are in Ireland) so I'm getting a headstart by having Andy teach me the basics in the ASDA car-park at night. (Seren's just loving the impromptu trips in the car-seat, and she expresses her joy by moaning and shrieking. Bless.) Three outings so far and we've done starting and stopping and driving in circles and going around the mini-roundabout and three-point turns and parking in the parking bay with no other cars nearby. The power may well go to my head, so consider yourselves warned. I have NOT mastered reversing.

Look at the length of this post! I'm having a cup of tea for my efforts. *takes a bow*


Annalisa Crawford said...

Sounds like you've been busy, so that's a good excuse for not blogging. I got my provisional licence when I was 26... it ran out last year and I still haven't learnt!

Rachel Fenton said...

I got my licence in my late twenties - no worries there! Come to NZ - no lessons needed - just take the tests and you're sorted - flights must be cheaper than UK driving lessons! Licence good for Europe :)

Also - you're making it sound easy but I know it's bloody hard - well done with the whole baby integration!

Anonymous said...

You might not have blogged much but you had a baby, wahayyyyy! And you sound so much more organised than us. (I'm here with one slipper on, typing w/ one hand -- bubs asleep on other arm -- wishing I had an unbroken chair to sit on...) I look like my hairdresser died and all I've read this week is Calvin & Hobbes (using the kids as an excuse). And you're reviewing books & jetting all over -- bloomin' brilliant.

Big mamma frog said...

I didn't learn to drive til my mid-30s, so no shame there. (I passed first time, too, despite my terror).

Am very envious that you give yourself a 2 month quota to get over the sleep-deprivation. I think it was 2 years before slumber arrived again in our house after the first child...just long enough for me to get pregnant again - arrrghhh!!!

Btw, belated congrats on the littl'un.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

I like all these late-driving stories - very encouraging! Rachel, it probably WOULD be cheaper - how scary is that? Big Mamma - she still gets me up at night, but I can manage on this, as long as I don't have to go to work! The first two months were AWFUL, though. Martha - you have MULTIPLE kids, though, that's the difference. Plus my partner works in education so he was at home most of the summer, which really helped :-)