BBC National Short Story Award 2011

I keep thinking of topics for blog posts and then forgetting them. One that I have remembered, however, is that my former MA tutor and dissertation supervisor, MJ Hyland, has been shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award. So has Jon McGregor (whom I interviewed for Bookmunch last year, and who was also shortlisted for the Award in 2010) Alison MacLeod (whom I met very briefly at ShortStoryVille in July), KJ Orr and DW Wilson. I reviewed last year's anthology here and I might get my mitts on this year's one, too - we'll see. Anyway, good luck to everyone. The stories will be broadcast all this week on BBC Radio 4; MJ's is already up, and she's been interviewed on Front Row - if you follow the link above, you'll find further links to all this stuff. I haven't listened to the story yet, but I did hear the interview, and one interesting thing was that the story in question came from her novel-in-progress - a scene that's been rewritten and adapted for the shorter form. I'd like to see the two versions side-by-side, to see if the characters and plot come across differently in each. Have any of you done this - not so much built a story up into a novel, because I reckon that's pretty common, but taken a chunk of novel and re-formed it?


anilbalan said...

Looks like a very worthwhile candidate.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

It does, all right! I've read the anthology now and they're all great. Tight race!