The View From Here

I've been a very absent blogger lately; I'm sure you're all sick of nothing but links to book reviews. Let's have a quick detour to an art exhibition instead, eh?

Andy Broadey (my partner) has got a solo show on at the moment in Manchester's BLANKSPACE gallery. He's been working on his fine art PhD for nearly four years, now, and this show is the culmination of his work. (He has to hand in a dissertation too, but to be fair, you aren't going to be reading that, so let's sidestep and carry on.) The exhibition's called 'The View From Here' and if you go along you'll see three big photographic installations. He's interested in conventions of gallery design and display and architectural interventions into exhibition spaces. The opening was last Thursday and it went really well - huge thanks to those of you that turned up, with a special shout-out to Kim and Will, and the Wild clan! - and the show will be up until August 7th. Andy'll be there most of the time and I'll be around sometimes too, so get your asses over there. It's just down the road from the Anthony Burgess centre, for those of you who've been there. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 1pm-7pm (Tuesdays until 9pm) and weekends, 11am-4pm. (oh, and edit to add: Kevin Bradshaw's written a very thoughtful review of the show here, and Sarah-Clare Conlon's got another one here!)

Other than that, I'm ploughing my way through a mountain of book reviews and worrying vaguely about the novel and reading massively inappropriate stories to the baby and drinking gallons of tea. Same old, same old.


Rachel Fenton said...

Your mister's exhibition sounds fantastic - huge achievement, you must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed at how much you are cramming into Baby's first months! I'm still sitting with my mouth open, popping in the occasional Malteser and sporadically recycling old flash pieces!

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Thanks, Rachel, I am!

Martha - mmmmm, Maltesers!