The Culture Diaries

When I was volunteering for the Manchester Literature Festival last year, I wrote a couple of blog posts about a poetry workshop run by writer John Siddique (which reminds me: I wrote a couple of haikus at that workshop - I'm almost feeling brave enough to look at them again now. Also - is haikus really the plural of haiku? It looks pretty odd when you write it down. Hmm.) Anyway, John's got a feature over on his blog called the Culture Diaries, where he asks guests to keep a diary of their cultural activities for seven days and then posts the result to the site. He asked me to contribute a while ago, but the baby-mania here kept me distracted and I only got around to it last week. I don't know how many of you keep diaries? I don't - I often think I ought to (it seems very writery to keep a journal) and I did start and abandon several when I was in school, but it's not a habit I've ever managed to properly acquire. But now I'm inspired to start one up again, because doing the exercise for John was so illuminating. It made me realize exactly how much I do, or can do, in a day; it made me reflect on the day, even if that reflection didn't make it into the entry itself; and it showed me how much I forget - reading back over the entries for early last week, I'm sure that I'd have otherwise forgotten most of the detail by now - in just a week! Anyway, the result is here. Thanks, John!

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