Storyglossia 44

My story, The Runt, is in this month's Storyglossia. Thanks so much to Steven McDermott for taking it. The issue's also got work from Thomas Kearnes, Benjamin Buchholz, Donna D. Vitucci, Eric Beeny, Michelle Reale, Matthew Salesses, Ashley Cowger and Mather Schneider - brilliant words from excellent folk. Storyglossia rocks.

2 comments: said...

Hey . . . we share stories in 'glossia and oddly similar blog titles, mine being "Not Quite Right".


Valerie O'Riordan said...

Hah indeed! I've another one for you: aren't you the Ben B who used to be in the Fiction Workhouse? I think our paths overlapped there for a very little while... PS: Good luck with the novel!