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So the longlist for this year's Bristol Prize came out yesterday, and it's dead international. They had over two thousand entries this year (even more than last year!) including a couple of familiar names - Nastasya Parker, who was shortlisted last year, and Ethel Rohan, whose blog you should all read, if you don't already. Buckets of good luck to everybody - getting my mitts on the Bristol Prize was such a boon to my writing career last year, you wouldn't believe.

What else? Well, I went to the launch of Jenn Ashworth's second novel, Cold Light, last Friday. It was a combo event, launching not only Jenn's book, but also Tom Fletcher's new novel, The Thing on the Shore, which I've yet to buy (sorry, Tom - I'm on it, though, I swear), and there were additional readings from members of their writing group - we had Emma Jane Unsworth and Andrew Hurley and Zoe Lambert, and Sally Cook compered. Top stuff from all of them - I'm especially looking forward to Emma's debut novel, Hungry The Stars and Everything, coming out this summer. The place was jammed, and we did our bit to swell the audience by hauling the baby out to her first book launch. She was very well behaved, even considering her mother was pretty wasted on her first glass of wine in practically a year. Good times!

On Saturday I'm dragging the poor kid out again; this time we're off to Piccadilly Station for Station Stories, an interactive storytelling extravaganza featuring  - do you see a theme here? - Jenn Ashworth, Tom Fletcher, Peter Wild, David Gaffney, Tom Jenks and Nicholas Royle (click here for details about the writers). I'm excited.

In the meantime, though, I fancy a nap.

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