a short break

I'm taking a couple of weeks off the novel to get some perspective. Three days into the break, I already want to rip the whole manuscript up and start again. Instead I'll try to relax about it and think of constructive things and catch up on my book-reviewing and reading and calming thoughts.

This weekend, we went to the Lake District, which was actually lovely and relaxing, and I even managed to get quite a few weird looks from elderly hill-walker types who gaped at the nearly-eight-months-pregnant belly, like they'd never seen an incubating lady up on a hill before. I guess I should be flat on my back practicing screaming, like a good girl. I was wearing a pretty maternity dress with my trainers, mind, so I might have looked a tad schizo. Then we went on a boat and got a good look at an actual lake, and on the shore, where people were throwing bits of bread at some very aggressive-looking swans, we saw a dude propose to his girlfriend. Hurray to you guys, whoever you were! 

Anyway, now we're back and I'm sort of tensing up about the novel, but I'm going to eat lots of nice cake and talk to actual people and not just people I've made up, and see what good ideas come to me in the meantime. 

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