game on

So I'm back to the novelling. I've had some great constructive feedback, and I know it was only, like, a fortnight since I put the file away, but I do feel refreshed and ready to tackle it again. Some things need fleshing out, others need making more explicit, there's a few plot tangles to unravel/rethink, but it all feels (kind of) manageable. I've tackled one chapter already, and I'll work my way through as the next month progresses. It's just under five weeks before Operation Reproduction kicks off in a massive way, so the race is on. The word count shall increase in step with my massive girth. Brain versus Belly. Game on.

(Oh, and happy St Patrick's Day to you all. Hope you enjoy your Guinnesses and whatnot. I'm having decaf tea. Screw the lot of you.)

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