still here

I haven't posted here in ages. Were you worried? Well, I'm neither dead nor incapacitated, just chin-deep in novel rewrites. And rewriting is the word. The 'decent' chapters from last time round never seem decent when you read them again in cold sobriety. Oh, the shuddering. And the relief that nobody else has read them yet. Every time I return to the start (I'd say this is the third time, or maybe two-point-five as the first version sort of limped and fell over before it reached the end) I find myself deleting plot-lines, instigating new ones, altering the motivation/outlook/general demeanor of numerous characters, worrying that other ones are crazy or stereotyped or just plain cardboard idiots. At least I'm not changing the POV. That was last time.

So that's what's distracted me lately. I've tried to write some flashes, too, but I find it hard to concentrate on new plots; scenes are fine, and characters to an extent, but working through a new plot with any kind of coherence seems very draining, and I shut that file and go back to the novel one. You might get more sense out of me when I climb out the far end - March? - but I promise to blog in the interval. You'll just have to excuse me if I don't make any sense.