Microfiction anthology

Here's more shameless self-promotion.  I forgot to mention that I've got a piece of flash fiction in Cinnamon Press's most recent microfiction anthology, Exposure.  My story, Enough, is one of the first flash pieces I wrote that I was really happy with, and I'm delighted it's finally found a great home.  The anthology is fantastic - I'd urge anyone with an interest in flash to check it out.  There's three sections and my piece is in the second bit, also called 'Enough' - I'm going to jump to conclusions and assume they named that bit after my story.  Hey, this is my blog; I can indulge myself here.  Anyway, huge thanks to Holly Howitt and Jan Fortune-Wood, the editors, and the whole Cinnamon team.

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Sarah Hilary said...

I love your story, Valerie. And I definitely say they named that section after your story!