Did you miss me?

I'm very relieved to have my home broadband back. I'm shockingly addicted to my virtual world; the poor iPhone was reaching the end of its tether during the past week.  DHL did try to thwart me by keeping the router in their warehouse for a week and insisting my house didn't exist, but I've got it now, damn them.

Last week, I finished NaNoWriMo at just over 50,000 words.  This was the second year I tried NaNo, and the first year I finished it, so I'm very pleased with myself.  The first 10,000 of those words are utter crap, and the rest need massive rewriting, of course, but the getting down to write about 1600 words a day was a great exercise in discipline - one I've already sloughed off in the intervening week, but hey, a girl needs a breather.  I found it hard not to edit as I went; I'm a slow writer usually, very finicky about my words, and just ploughing onwards every day was both very difficult and a great release - I'm glad I was able to manage it, but I'm also happy to be able to return to my pernickity editorial ways now that it's done.  I also think I've got a much stronger sense of where my novel should be going than I did before the month began - I had a plan to follow for the duration, and I sort of stuck to it, and what I'll do now will veer quite a way from that plan, but I think I'm on now the right track.  Though I've said that before...  I've started revising the opening section (again) and I'm feeling optimistic.

Last week, the Spilling Ink Review published one of my flash fiction stories, Rock-A-Bye (if any of you were at October's Bewilderbliss reading in the Cornerhouse, you'll recognise this one).

And also last week, Blankpages published a short article I wrote about this blog, the Manchester blogging scene and Benjamin Judge.

What else?  I've been to the panto (oh, yes I have!) and I've been to work.  I've sold many, many copies of Karl Pilkington's and Nigella Lawson's books, and a meerkat's autobiography.  I found a man's sock in the store the other day.  Who takes their socks off in a shop?  Was it you?

Oh, and my best friend moved to Canada to live in a ski resort for the winter.  If she wasn't brilliant, I'd hate her.  Dude.  Work those skis.  Jetlag is for PANSIES.

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