another bugger

Remember I had a story in the Bugged anthology earlier this autumn?  Well, one of the other writers, Calum Kerr, went on the radio last night, on the Late Show on BBC Radio Lancashire, to talk about his work and Bugged.  And, right, he only went and read out my story!  You can listen to it here (Calum's interview starts at about 22 minutes in, and my story's at 42:50ish) - the BBC will only leave it up for about a week, so grab it while you can.  Joe Wilson, the presenter, said about my piece that there was very little waste of words in there, which is what it's all about in flash fiction (and all fiction) and I was really pleased to hear him get right to the point there.  And he laughed in the right place too, so score!  Anyway, if you do listen, that's the radio-friendly edit; my usual foul-mouthed lexicon has been temporarily tamed.  When I was on the radio myself during the summer, after the Bristol Prize, they couldn't read out that story at all because they reckoned it was too disturbing for the daytime audience.  So either I'm slowly on the road to respectability, or Calum's found my niche for me: late night radio!

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Excellent score, congratulations!