an unscheduled interruption to normal service

I'm an errant poster, at best, but my errancy may reach daft levels for the next week or two: I'm changing broadband providers and may well be offline for up to ten days.  I've got the shakes just contemplating such a future.  I'll have my phone of course, but that's more for reading than it is for writing - verifying my NaNoWriMo wordcount (assuming I complete it!) is a task that worries me - if you live in south Manchester, you may run across me roaming the streets with my laptop under my arm, looking for free wifi.  Anyway, this is my adieu until O2 get their asses in gear and reconnect us.  So long, BT, you useless, useless bastards.

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Scars Beneath The Skin said...

Best of luck! It's a 21st century separation anxiety isn't it, lack of Internet access?