Consequences! National Short Story Week 2010

Well!  This week is the UK's inaugural National Short Story Week, which of course is excellent and brilliant and all that.  The bloggers have been hard at it, recommending stories and writers to their readers (see Nik's Blog for some goodies) and there's been all sorts of events and things - see the website for details.  My recommendations right now would be Tom Vowler's very recent collection, The Method, and Jo Cannon's new book, out since last Saturday, Insignificant Gestures (more on that soon enough when she'll pop over here to be interviewed!).  Check them both out - lovely people and brilliant writers.

Also!  I was massively thrilled to be invited to take part in a short story challenge for Short Story Week - a small bunch of UK writers were asked to contributes 100-150 words to a collaborative story entitled Consequences.  The whole thing was put together this week, and here it is, in all its glory!  I'm so flattered to have been invited to take part, alongside luminaries like Tania Hershman and Sarah Salway, so hurray!  I'm having pre-work ice-cream to celebrate right now.  See if you can guess who wrote which bit...

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