a week full of litterachewer

So, the 2010 Manchester Literature Festival is all in our faces and happening and hiding behind every corner so there's no escape.  I've been doing my bit to help it along, and I feel nice and arty as a result.  Last Thursday we had the launch of the Bugged anthology, and I read my little story in front of a packed room, which was very cool. Lots of very talented people were there too, and there's a write-up on the Festival blog so head on over there for a more in-depth run-down.  Aside from the fun of taking part, I was especially pleased to meet Jo Bell and Emma Lannie and Jenn Ashworth's very own McTiny who was very professional when it was his turn on stage.  Nice work, kid.

That evening, I went to the Lionel Shriver reading in the Town Hall in my capacity as volunteer festival blogger - my review of the event should be online soon, so I'll link when it's up.  Likewise, on Sunday, I went down to the Manchester Art Gallery to document John Siddique's poetry workshop based upon the Pilkington pottery exhibition that's showing in the gallery at the moment.  I'll link to my review as and when - I also wrote some poems while I was there, despite my claims at the Bugged event not to be able to manage poetry, but I'll keep the results to myself for now, I think.  No point scaring you all or making you laugh at me.

Yesterday afternoon was the Bewilderbliss reading, an event run with Corridor8 magazine to showcase local zines and talent.  I read a newish story, and, amongst others, so did Holly Ringland, whose blog is up for Best Personal Blog at the Manchester Blog Awards tomorrow night.  Vote for her (by 5pm today) - she's brilliant - and come along to the Deaf Institute for the prize-giving. I expect it shall be ace.

In the meantime, this evening I'm volunteering at the Heidi Thomas event at the Cornerhouse - she's a screenwriter, so for this ex-film-student, it should be interesting - and later in the week there's another few things, and I'll report back when I remember what's going on, what I'm doing, where I'm at and what day it is.  Bye for now.


Rachel Fenton said...

Busy, busy, busy: all sounds pretty excellent.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Sooo busy! I'm just about recovered now. Until next year...