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My review of Lionel Shriver's reading at the Manchester Literature Festival last week is up on the official blog.

On Monday, I volunteered at the Heidi Thomas event which was jointly run by the Lit Fest and BBC's Writer's Room.  Heidi's a scriptwriter who started off writing for the theatre; the event was a Q&A and very interesting altogether, and though the programmes she's worked on aren't entirely to my taste - Cranford is one - I did find myself leaving with my appetite whetted. Maybe I'll watch me some costume drama soon.

Yesterday was the Manchester Blog Awards - my friends Fat Roland and Holly Ringland were up for Best Writing On A Blog and Best Personal Blog respectively - not to mention the dynamo that is Benjamin Judge, up for a million awards and also performing again this coming Saturday at Is There A Novelist In The House?  Anyway, it all kicked off with Ben, Dave Hartley and Sarah-Clare Conlon reading pieces that they'd had published on 330 Words, one of the other nominated blogs, and then Chris Killen read a Choose Your Own Adventure short story about a blind date, and it was creepy and hilarious. Then the winners were announced. The full list is on the website, but at our table we were all very excited to see Fat Roland carry away the gong for Best Writing AND he was joint winner of Blog of the Year! There was much celebration, I can tell you that, and I'm very tired today to prove it.  Yay, Fat Roland!  And a big hurray for all the other winners and runners-up; the event was excellent and the venue was perfect and fine fun was had by all.

Tomorrow I'm off to see John Siddique read and then (after work) to the pub to celebrate my last day at work. Anyone want to give me a job? I'm good at reading and writing and associated tasks. Go on.

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