come to my readings!

People Of The Internet.  The Manchester Literary Festival is upon us once again, and this time it features me!  Well, it also features some fly-by-night scribblers like Seamus Heaney and Jeanette Winterson, but I know you guys are all about the grass-roots activitists of the home-grown writing scene.  Ahem.  Anyway, I'll be there, mumbling my stories into a microphone not once, but twice.  Come!  Listen!  Don't throw things at me!  Unless it's money! Please throw money at me!

First up is the launch of the Bugged anthology at 1pm on the 14th of October (next Thursday) in the new City Library on Deansgate.  I'll be reading my teeny contribution to the book, and you'll also get to hear from Cathy Bryant, Emma Lannie, Liz Loxley and Susie Wild.  Tickets to the event are free, but booking is advised - check out the website for details. 

Second is the Bewilderbliss event - a bit of publicity for the local magazine that I helped edit during my MA and that our lead editors are now handing over to the new team.  This one will be at the Cornerhouse at 1pm on Monday 18th, and we're sharing the bill with Corridor8, a visual arts and writing journal.  Again, free, but you might want to book - see the festival website for more.

Hope to see you there (throwing money at me)!

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