Well!  Let's recap my last couple of weeks:

Most significantly, I think, I handed in The Dissertation.  This was less than two weeks ago, though it feels like tow months ago.  I queued for two hours to print and bind it on the Wednesday and handed it in straight after, and that was a massively anti-climactic moment (though I did high-five my lovely classmate to mark the occasion.)  I haven't looked at the novel since - though I've pondered it - I'm taking a few weeks off to relax, de-stress, maybe write some flash fiction, but mostly to recuperate and get settled into the two other things I've been doing:

Moving house.  We're now settled half a mile down the road in a nice new flat that isn't on the gas mains (screw you, boilers! I'm freeeee!) and has no visible mould.  Win.  The move was exhausting, as moves invariably are, but I'm unpacked and organised, and all that remains is to return a faulty desk to Ikea and get a replacement, and then I'll have my own little writing zone on the landing.  I'll probably continue to use the sofa, though - but shhh, that's unofficial.

Starting a new job.  I've got a temporary gig as a bookseller in Blackwell, Manchester, which so far rocks, though I'd forgotten how tiring full-time retail can be.  I'm flopping into bed at sill o'clock every evening and seem to have no time for writing, but this is my time-off zone, so never mind, and I'll get into the swing of it soon.  I did a lot of bookshop work when I was younger, and I love being around books all day, so big thumbs up for the job.

What else? I've a couple of flash-fiction publications coming up - more as and when they're out - and I've got a few books to review, so I'm not entirely slacking.  It's nice not having any real deadlines on - that post-university lull is pretty luxurious.

And how are you guys?


Susan Gee said...

Hi, I'm about to start the MA in Manchester next week, so as you are finishing it's all about to begin for me. Enjoyed reading about your experiences. Sue.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Good luck, Sue! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :-)

kim mcgowan said...

Well done for finishing and for getting a bookish job.

I've been too shocked & numb to write since I handed in my dissertation - I think it is as if I need to wait to see what someone is going to say...
(the word verification word is hamedge - seems about right)

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Thanks, Kim. The bookish job may only last a few weeks, but we'll see... fingers crossed!

As for writing - I've scribbled one pretty dodgy piece of flash fiction since handing in the diss, and other than that, nada. Breath in, breath out... Results in November. Hamedge sounds about right.