I'm Bugged

I've got a teeny piece of flash fiction up on the Bugged project site:  you can read it here.  It's my usual morbid horrible fare, of course, so avert your eyes and avoid clicking if you're at all squeamish.

Have I explained Bugged before?  You had to do some eavesdropping on July 1st and some up with a short story, a poem, or a piece of flash fiction or drama based on what you overheard.  Mine came from a conversation I heard in Manchester Airport on my way to Amsterdam - though I'm sure the girls I spied upon were a lot less mean and desperate than their avatars in my piece.

Jo Bell is the creative genius behind Bugged, and they've got luminaries like Jenn Ashworth, David Gaffney and Mil Millington backing it.  There'll be an anthology announced in a few weeks, and they're hoping to run events around the country based on the whole eavesdropping experiment.  It's a good opportunity to think about where your ideas come from and to examine in a really deliberate way how a piece of fiction develops.

The last day for entries is this Sunday (15th) at midday - good luck!


Jax said...

Hey, post bugged again!! I want to go check it out but I have to finish this project in like hours or my life as I know it will come to an end!!

Added myself to your followers so I can learn more.

Jacqui Jacoby
Twitter: JaxJacoby

Rachel Fenton said...

Sounds very fun - would love to enter, alas I am now resident of NZ...yet not a citizen...technically I am betwixt countryments...which is better than I thought as I am now only 6000 miles away from the Uk....ponderous..

Valerie O'Riordan said...

That's a hell of a way... Shame you couldn't enter, Rachel - maybe you should set up a copycat endeavour in NZ!