a brief list:

1. Nik Perring has an interview with me over on his blog.  Hurray, Nik!  And thank you muchly for having me, you charming gent, you.

2. We had the launch of Issue Four of Bewilderbliss magazine on Thursday night.  I did a reading on the night; we didn't have too many people up at the mic this time, so I was sneaky and read two things.  One was the little piece I have in the magazine itself and the other was my Bristol Prize story.  So everybody else read funny and/or uplifting things and the audience laughed and clapped and got pretty mellow and chilled.  So then I got up last (and failed to work the microphone properly) and read one story about child abuse and another about revenge castration.  Talk about bringing your audience down.  But they all clapped so perhaps it was fine, and maybe everybody is secretly just as morbid as me.  Plus possibly they were then spurred to drown their sorrows in more booze, thus benefiting the bar and making us look like good clients?  Whatever; I had a Good Night.  And got to meet/see/accost more Internet People - Ben and Dave and all sorts of lovely other folk.  And one of our fine editors-in-chief baked cakes!  I'll miss Bewilderbliss when we hand it over to next year's class.  Buy your copy while you can - either on the website, or, if you're in Manchester, in the Cornerhouse.

3.  Shout-out to Orla and Serena, who came to stay this weekend! We went to a Malaysian restaurant and then to a karaoke bar, and tricked a jeweller into letting us try very expensive things on.  Does it get better than that?  No, it does not. But I'm still tired from the karaoke, and I didn't even sing.  I was the cheerleader.  Go, team!

4. Shouldn't you guys be at work or something?  I've got to get back to my dissertation.  Laters.


Tights Are Not Pants said...
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Orla said...

I'm pretty sure that being mentioned on your blog categorically makes me famous. This is getting shown to my grandkids! Or more likely, my cats.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Don't worry; I've already emailed the link to Peyton.

Rachel Fenton said...

Ha! "bringing the house down" = brill.