To Wales!

Well, I'm away again for a week, to a place I can't pronounce, with people I met on the internet.  Shocking?  Shocking.  Anyway, this is my Official Writing Week, in which I'll (a) write my entire dissertation!  Ha. (b) get my Bugged thingy done and (c) not spend every waking moment on Twitter or Facebook.*  Optimistic, maybe, but I'm very much looking forward to a week away with my writing group - the fantastic Fiction Forge - and the lovely Paper Face Girl, and I'm hoping for a decent level of productivity.  Wish me luck, internets!  And if you're totally hugely lucky, a scheduled post will appear mid-week to create the illusion I'm still among you, typing away.  In the meantime, if you have five minutes, check out this excellent story from June's PANK, by Teresa Milbrodt.  And at the end of the week, spare me a thought - instead of jetting back to the Manchster massiv, I'll be heading to Bristol for the launch of the latest Bristol Prize anthology (which has me in it!!) and the announcement of the three winners of this year's competition.  Amsterdam, Wales, Bristol?  July = big fat WIN so far.

* Well, I'll have my iPhone.  I'm not a total savage.

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