I'm a Versatile Blogger!

So says Steph over at The Creative Identity - thank you, Steph! I'm going to pretend that this is a very fancy award and I'd like you all to imagine me taking a sweeping bow, and maybe, if you like, you can throw flowers or perhaps a box of chocolate in my direction (no knickers, thanks, this isn't that kind of blog. Yet.)  Am I a versatile blogger?  Well. I moan a lot (but about various things) and I talk about my writing and other people's writing, and the MA, and (lately) my home heating issues and (on occasion) Roger Federer. (I love him.)  Versatility?  Hell, yes.  So.  With great power comes great responsibility!  And great power in this instance = my massive versatility, and my responsibilities therefore include: thanking Steph and linking to her (done!), telling you seven facts about myself, and linking to fifteen other versatile blogs. How much do you really want to know?

(1) I can't sing a note. In primary school I wasn't allowed in our class choir; me and a boy called Gareth had to stand in the corridor while the other kids trooped from room to room during a school festival singing their hearts out. (Everybody say aaaaw.)
(2) I hate cooking. I love eating, but the preparation is a drag, man. I exclusively date men who can chop and roast and grill. Hats off to him indoors for feeding me for all these years. I do a mean bowl of popcorn though, and some rocking toast.
(3) I wasn't on a plane until I was ten, and that was on a class trip from Dublin to Shannon. I was very excited. The houses looked like Lego. We stopped off for a McDonalds and then got the train home because our parents weren't made of money.
(4) I'm obsessed Buffy The Vampire Slayer. When I was on the dole, and later, on a minimum wage job, I saved my meagre pennies to buy the series box-sets one by one, at a rate of one box per about six months. It was so worth it. A Buffy anecdote damn well is relevant in most conversations.  (Ditto quotes from The Simpsons.) And Spike kicks Angel's ass.
(5) I saw Kill Bill Volume One in the cinema six times. Wiggle your big toe.
(6) I've moved house seven times in the past six years, and will be off again in about seven weeks. I've forgotten what stability feels like. I'm a packing goddess.
(7) If you give me money, I'll spend it on books.  No matter how ratty my clothes are getting, or what the food situation is like. Here, give me some money.  Or some books.  Go on.

Fifteen blogs that I've come across recently?  Well, I don't know that I've got fifteen very recent finds, so I'll give you six, and then a few more I've been reading for aaaaages.  They're mainly booky-languagy-writery things, but they keep me entertained and I guess if you're here, they'll probably entertain you too.  Check it:

The Paper Face Girl - my friend Daisy, blogging about her writing, ans short stories she's read, and miscellaneous musings.
The Inky Fool - very cool and entertaining facts about the English language.
Grab A Pen - Tahera, a 22 year-old YA writer, blogs about queries and writing and all sorts.
Who the Fudge is Benjamin Judge? - Ben blogs about writing and is currently running a very tense Literary World Cup tournament.
How To Write Badly Well - Joel Stickley tells you how to do just that. VERY funny.
Kirsty Logan - Kirsty blogs from Scotland about her writing and how her stories germinate. Keep an eye on her...

The Millions - great for news about books and literary goings-on (though very US-centred) and they feature very readable essays and interviews too.
I Have Become Accustomed To Rejection - Roxane Gay, of PANK fame, has a massively entertaining rejection blog.
Private Secret Diary - Alex March writes about Norfolk living, Very funny.
This Itch of Writing - novelist Emma Darwin talks sense about writing.
Every Day I Lie A Little - novelist Jenn Ashworth has a snazzy new-look website and blog.
Little Bird Stories - Holly Ringland tells us about the good in her life, and her writing.

And a few non-writingy ones:
Questionable Content - one of my favourite long-0running webcomics (I;d recommend starting fro the beginning, though set aside a few weeks to catch up!)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - more geeky comic fun
A Change of A Dress - one for the girls (or the more experimental boys) - Siany posts a new dress every day  so you can scratch that window-shopping itch right here from your desk/sofa/bed/phone/??  Lovely.

Man, that was tiring.  I'm still away in Wales right now, but cross your fingers for me in Bristol on Saturday night!

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Rachel Fenton said...

Congratulations on your fab award! You make me chuckle!