Going Dutch

I'm back and I'm thirty and Amsterdam is bloody fantastic.  We saw Van Goghs and Vermeers and Rembrandts, and we went to the zoo and the aquarium, and we hired bikes for three days and got the hang of the back peddle thing, and lounged about in the Vondelpark and the Oosterpark reading our books, and ate apple pie for lunch and Indonesian and Thai and Ethiopian food, and Andy drank beer from a gourd, and we saw the canals and the red light district and the Anne Frank House, and we watched Holland break into the semi-finals of the world cup on the giant big screen in the Museumplein surrounded by people wearing orange and it was AMAZING.  Look!

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Fi said...

Oh wow, I want to cycle through Holland in a pretty dress too! Glad you had a lovely time - good luck with your dissertation fun!