back on the 07:26 to Birmingham

I'm off to the Midlands for a few days to dip my toes back into the working world. The massive highlight of the week will be a bath (I know, I'm super exciting!) - with the Boiler Situation running at a, what is it? seventeen day stalemate? now, I'm hugely anticipating having a hot soak in the hotel bathroom. So if they pull a fast one and supply a shower cubicle instead of a tub, you'll hear my roars of frustration and rage all the way in your house - and I'm looking at my New Zealand reader here - so listen out tonight.

I also had my first dissertation supervision on Tuesday, and I've got plenty to mull over (and piles of re-writing and re-plotting to worry about) so it's a good thing I'll have a few days away from the computer with just my notebook and my thoughts (which should be concentrating on the aforementioned work, of course, but damn, you can't have it every which way).

So! By the time you read this I'll be holed up in a dank corner of the NEC, capturing video clips of flowers I can only identify with the help of a huge fat book of plants, and working on my back-ache and the RSI that I'm sure must be right around the corner. And I'll be thinking about baths. See you on the other side.

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