everything is broken

This week, I swear.

First, the boiler breaks (it does this frequently) - we get the British gas guy out (eighth time this year, SCORE), and then the freeview/PVR machine goes, taking the television channels and our large store of 'depressing movies we've recorded but not yet watched' with it; then the television itself threw a fit, started switching itself on and off and changing channels constantly, so we couldn't even watch DVDs. Then the boiler broke again, after only five days, and the British gas guy fails to turn up and says he rang us when all evidence (ie., the PHONE) says that's a ridiculous lie - and then (this is yesterday) the zip goes on my last functioning non-paint-splattered non-completely-ragged pair of jeans.  Next thing the books will all spontaneously combust.  Wait - no - the flat's riddled with damp.  PHEW. 

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