Happy May Day, boys and girls.  I thought of having my own protest today - an anti-essay protest, which would involve burning my notes and throwing pens out the window - but then I decided that sounded like far too much effort, and I should probably just plough on.  'Ploughing on' consists of reading political opinion polls online and getting very worried that the Tories will take control and wondering where I might go to live in that case because Britain will indubitably begin to totally suck - and also the usual thing of staring aimlessly around the room.  Here are some things I think I could be doing instead of The Essay:

  • reading Tom Fletcher's The Leaping, which came out the other day and looks very tempting over there on the coffee table
  • reading Jonathan Coe's The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, which has been sitting on the floor for weeks now, looking at me sadly
  • finishing Ian McEwan's Solar, which, to be honest, I'm finding a drag, but it has the bonus feature of Not Being An Essay
  • Oh, man, you get the gist. 

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