Well, Big Liz has signed off on the regime change; the Conservatives are in and our PM is the nasty plastic-faced David Cameron.  I've lived in the UK for almost six years under a centre-left government, and there seemed a fighting chance over the last month that this election would shift things a touch further to the left.  Now we've got our first Green MP, which should be a huge cause for celebration, but Caroline Lucas's triumph is almost forgettable in the shadow of a new and massively unlikely coalition that seems like the nail in the Liberal coffin.  In general, I'm totally in favour of coalition governments; at the very least, they tend to reflect the wishes of the electorate, rather than forcing a single-party government out of a proportionally tiny segment of the vote.  But I'm finding it difficult to see the Tories actually forging a full and complete union with the LibDems; once the dust settles, the Tories will dig their heels in and Clegg & co will toe the right-wing line.  Or so it seems to me right now anyway, in the miserable funk of the immediate aftermath.  I'm contemplating my options, country-wise; I've emigrated before, and I'm totally prepared to do it again.  Bah.  I promise I'll resume regular ranting and bookish rambling soon - just as soon as I can break this BBC News 24 addiction. It's almost as bad as my popcorn and tea habits.

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