best laid plans

I've got an MA essay due tomorrow.  I should be in the library right now, squinting at a print-out and going mental with a red pen - but instead, I'm in my mother's house in Dublin, having had two flights to Manchester cancelled because of the dreaded ash cloud. I hate that ash cloud.  Tomorrow I have to get up at 4am so I can get on a 6.30am flight home - then straight to the library to print out the essay and hand it in. I was planning a full-on beer session afterwards, but I'll probably fall asleep on the table instead.  But I'll limit the ranting, despite the flight-horribleness: I was in Dublin this weekend for my best friend's wedding, which was superb, AND I got to drink champagne on a balcony of a suite in the Shelbourne Hotel on Saturday night, and does it really get better than that?  I think not.   


Jenn Ashworth said...

Oh no!

Do you have to hand it in in person? Is it possible to email it to one of your tutors?

What a PAIN.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

I have to hand it in in person - boo - but I rang up just now and they said I can fill in a 'special circumstances' form and show details of the cancelled flights and it should be okay. The guy sounded totally jaded at all these jet-setting students 'stranded' abroad. Stranded at my mum's house isn't the most exotic, though, sadly.

kim mcgowan said...

That's lovely drinking champagne hair, Valerie
(I'm glad you're back now) x

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Me too, Kim! Home sweet home. I should've kept that wig, too.