edited catalogue of woes (Monday)

(1) my bike being robbed two weeks ago (now replaced, see below, feel the joy)
(2) boyfriend's bike being robbed on Saturday evening (replaced Sunday afternoon via gumtree, him being far less picky than me and simply requiring that it be a two-wheeled machine with a steering mechanism, not an absurdly pretty version of same)
(3) a dog mauled me while I was out jogging yesterday!  There was a big hole in my trousers and my dignity as I ran around Whalley Range trying not to let the natives see my white ass through the flapping fabric.  Cue SHAME and RAGE (but thankfully no damage to actual ass).


Diane Becker said...

Tempted to say that Manchester sounds shit. Better not! Dog mauling too? Aarrgh.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

I'll defend Manchester, but man! Have we displeased some shirty evil spirit or something recently?!