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Tonight was the official launch of Martin Amis's new book, The Pregnant Widow.  Lisa Allardice from the Guardian interviewed him at a live event run by the Centre for New Writing at the university, and he read excerpts from the book.  There'll be a podcast of the interview available very soon, so I'll link to that when it's up, and obviously Lisa's interview will more than likely be online too, so I won't subject you to my half-remembered version of events, except for two things.

First, and most insanely, I got interviewed by BBC North West Tonight about being taught by Martin.  I've spent the last five years working on the other side of the camera, so it was more than a little strange to sit in the spotlight and be asked for sound-bites.  I'm pretty sure I made at least the minimum amount of sense required for them to use the footage, and I even managed to brush my hair beforehand, so if anybody in the North West of England wants to see me, apparently the clip will be on tomorrow (Tuesday 9th February) at half six in the evening, and possibly in the lunch-time slot too.  There's two of us there - my classmate Sophie will be the one who looks calm and collected, and I'll be the rabbit-in-the-headlights creature in the yellow cardigan.


Second, I bought a copy of the book afterwards and got Mr Amis to sign it for me, so just to prove to you guys that I haven't been making it up all this time, CHECK IT OUT:


kim mcgowan said...

I am just soundlessly opening and closing my mouth.
It is extremely unattractive.
kim x

(word verification = arconc, which is a bit like icon and a bit like a bigg(ish) nose)

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Kim, it sounds like you're doing a damn good impression of me standing there in front of the desk as he signed the book!

kim mcgowan said...

Really, Valerie, I don't know why I don't just get all my reading advice from you because you're always spot-on, Morvern Callar has just arrived today (see photograph, I'm very excited!)

Did I read somewhere that you were not impressed with Zadie Smith? I listened to the Audio CD of White Teeth and enjoyed it - but then, when I read the book last year, for a Contemporary Writing and Marginality module, I couldn't get beyound the way she was breaking all the rules, head-hopping and stuff.
Thanks, you too. Is you novel going to be your project?

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Yeah, it is, though our dissertation's only 15,000 words, which I think will equate to four or five chapters. I'd love to have a whole finished draft by the time the course is done, but I dunno...

I didn't mind White Teeth so much, but I did think it was really overrated. It's years since I read it, mind. But the Autograph Man is baaaad! And On Beauty really annoyed me - all this clever-clever addressing the reader, and yeah, head-hopping - it really irked me. We've got to read it for a seminar next Monday, actually, and quite a few people have said they liked it, but I'm sticking by my guns!