reasons not to leave the house or talk to people

On Tuesday, a man riding his bicycle down the middle of the footpath, ignoring the lovely clear cycle lane to his right, berated me for running on said footpath.  I had no right, he said, and rang his bell at me.  Today, the HSBC telephone woman gave me an earful for not telling her I'd changed my mobile number; when I pointed out that I hadn't changed it since 2004, and that the number she had for me was a bizarre mixture of my actual mobile number and my most recent two land-line numbers that could only have been concocted by her computer in one of its frequent missions to COCK UP MY LIFE, she laughed nervously, and then lowered my overdraft facility by seven hundred and fifty pounds.

I'm going to see Claire Urwin's play, No Wonder, at the Manchester Library Theatre tonight at 9pm. There will be no running or banking, and I expect to have fun.  If you're around, do come along.  


Adam Gilmour said...

I quite wanted to go and see that play. Alas, I am working tonight, and tomorrow night which I believe is the last showing of it. It sounds pretty good. Hope you have a stress-free evening!

And yeah, banks and bikes should just fuck off.

Valerie O'Riordan said...

Ta, Adam! Between the banks and the bastards, I feel we're all been unfairly hassled these last few months!

Shame you can't make the play. I'll see you Monday anyway for some Serious Literary Talk, or, you know, whatever.